First Steps to Resolve Potential Android Nougat Notification Issues

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Here is a handy guide and steps to resolving Android Nougat notification issues. If you recently updated your device, some of the notification settings have changed, updated and gone to new standards. 
If you are facing notification issues like no sound, not showing on screen or not showing the accept button here are some steps to resolve those concerns.
Step One - Go to Settings
Start by heading to settings of your device. You will see this or something quite similar
Step Two - Check Volume Levels 
Confirm you can hear the notifications. Scroll down and tap on "Sound & Notification" 6ya's notification sound volume is controlled my the "Media Volume" increase this level so you can hear it. You may see other volume controls but 6ya is always controlled by the Media Level.
Screenshot_20170316-133838.png   Screenshot_20170316-133842.png  
Step Three - Showing Notifications Content 
There are at least two options available to select here. You can show all notification content or hide sensitive content. Be sure though you are not stopping notifications from showing at all.
Screenshot_20170316-133856.png   unnamed.png
Step 4 - Check App Settings, Set Priority
Head back to Settings and tap on "Apps" As long as it is installed, you should see 6ya on this list, tap on it. From this menu you can confirm permissions and notification settings. Set Notifications as "Priority" 
Screenshot_20170316-133838.png   Screenshot_20170316-133913.png   Screenshot_20170316-133916.png
With these settings in place, in many cases, it may resolve many concerns. This is however just one step in the right direction. you should be able to see, hear and accept calls directly from a notification in Android Nougat.
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If you have any questions, concerns or hit any barriers as you attempt these steps please let us know! We are always here for you at if you have any specific questions about receiving notifications.
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