Using 'Do not disturb' feature

We've listened to your feedback, and are excited to announce the first of many upcoming updates! Today, we're introducing a new feature: Do Not Disturb. This new page can be accessed from your menu. It allows you to set a scheduled time period in which you will not receive calls.


As you can see below, if both settings are toggled on, it means that you are not actively taking calls, and that you have Do Not Disturb activated for the following time period.


When Do Not Disturb is activated, the moon icon will turn blue in the menu and the status will be stated on the home page.



To activate yourself again, you'll just turn off the "Manual" toggle. You may still leave the "Scheduled" option on if you wanted to keep that period ongoing. Note that once you turn off "Manual," the Do Not Disturb statement disappears from the home page, and the moon icon is no longer blue. 


Also worth noting is that the green moving circles around the icons indicates that there are calls occurring in your category, but they are not directed towards you, so you cannot answer these.



Let us know if you have any questions regarding this new feature! We'd be happy to respond to any of your questions or comments at


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