How to Report and Contest Missed Calls

The best way to keep your acceptance score up is to answer all the calls that are forwarded to you while you are available.

However we know know there are certain circumstances that calls either can't be answered or come in while Experts are on DND and the below process addresses this issue.


- The Missed Call Moderation feature is only available when Expert is available and a calls comes in and one of the following happen:

- Phone didn't ring

- I was on Do Not Disturb Mode

-I was on a call with another customer

-I tried to accept the call but wasn't able to


This doesn't automatically remove the call from your acceptance rating, but will send this situation to our review team for further assessment.


Step 1 - Go to the Missed Call Summary Page



Step 2 - Tap "Report an Issue



Step 3 - Select the Moderation Reason



Step 4 - Add details





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