How do I help a customer who wants to cancel their 6ya subscription renewal?

Try to let them know about the benefits of keeping their 6ya membership for instant troubleshooting. If they still want to process a refund or cancel their membership, let them know that you can provide them with the contact information for our customer support team (have them email Don't promise any refunds to customers, as our customer service team is trained to help navigate customers with their plan (this also may lead the customer to think that they don't need to hear back from the customer service team). Do not collect any contact information from the customer or log into their 6ya account to cancel for them. You should never instruct a customer to file a chargeback against 6ya (chargebacks are harmful to all companies in which they're filed against). If this happens, you will be deactivated.

If a customer would like you to process the request for them, you may email with the customer's name and Call ID number (from your call history) and our team can take it from there.

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