How much will I earn?

Your 6ya earnings will be directly determined by the number of calls you take and the rate you set for direct calls.

For Direct Calls:

The rate for direct calls forwarded via an Expert's Profile is set by the Expert. 6ya charges a 10% fee from the charge of each direct call. The customer will not be charged for any calls that last less than 1 minute.

For Calls Routed by 6ya:

We pay a fixed rate on these calls.

- For service calls less than 1 minute, the Expert will not be paid any fees.

- For service calls longer than 1 minute, the Expert will be paid $3.00 no matter the final duration of the call.

From time to time, our team may make changes to the fees paid for routed calls.


Payment processing fees: for every pay cycle in which an expert is issued earnings, we will deduct payment processing fees as charged by our payment processor ($1.00 for every ACH deposit or $2.00 for every check issued). If an expert is not issued payment in a pay period, no fees will be deducted.

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