Where can I change my camera, microphone and video settings?

6ya video calling requires permission from the device & operating system to work properly.

Permissions for 6ya Mobile App


iOS App

  • Open 'Settings' 
  • Scroll to the bottom until you reach the app list. Click on 6ya.
  • Enable permission for camera & microphone

Android App

  • Android OS settings vary by device type.
  • Go to settings, and open 'Apps'
  • Click on '6ya'
  • Under 'App Settings' click on 'Permissions'
  • Enable access for 'Camera' & 'Microphone'

Permissions for using 6ya on a Web Browser

Video calls on the web are expected to be released shortly.

When using 6ya via a web browser, the browser needs permission to access your 'Camera' & 'Microphone'

Enable 'Camera' & 'Microphone' access for Google Chrome on Android devices, and Safari on iPhones.


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