How do I become an Expert?

We’ve designed our application process to be easy and straightforward.

From start to finish, the Expert Approval process may take a couple of weeks to complete.

However, we’ll be working with you to get you through the process as fast as possible. The process consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Web Application - Tell us a bit about your expertise, work experience and general background.
  2. Video Interview - Chat with one of our team members to further discuss your expertise and qualifications. Once you pass the interview stage, we’ll coach you through the onboarding process and invite you to register for a training session.
  3. Onboarding Forms - If approved, you will need to fill out some simple paperwork to legally start earning money.
  4. Training Session - We’ll hold a brief video training session to orient you to our process and remind you of our best practices and expectations.
  5. Start Helping - Once you’ve successfully completed the onboarding, we’ll notify you that your account is activated, and you’ll be able to download the 6ya app to your phone and begin taking calls.
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