How does compensation work?

We’ve tried to make 6ya as easy for repair experts as possible, so you can focus on helping customers.  We don’t charge you to join 6ya as an Expert, and you get a fixed rate for each call you take depending on how long it is. Our call rates break down as follows:

  1. If a call lasts < 1 minute, you will not earn money for the call.
  2. Any call that lasts more than 1 minute will earn $3

Getting your money:

Early on in the process to become a fully active 6ya expert, we collect bank information to enable payment.  We use a third party service called to process payment. We process payments via ACH direct deposits to the bank account you provided using this secure third party service. In order to pay you properly it is very important that we have accurate bank information.

To confirm banking information, will run a one cent ($0.01) transaction. If you do not see this $.01 within three days of submitting your information, please reach out to us at

Keep in mind that your deposit could fail if you entered incorrect banking information or if your bank doesn’t accept ACH payment.

Pay Periods:

We have two pay periods per month. The first pay period is between the 1st -15th of the month and second pay period is between the 16th through the end of the month.  Payments will be issued twice a month within 3 business days of the close of the pay period. Once payment is issued, it may take up to a week (from the issued date) to arrive in your designated bank account.


If you’re having any issues regarding payment or bank linking please reach out to us at





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