How do I edit or check the categories on my profile?

You can check or edit your current categories by logging into your expert account here

After you've logged in, click on "Edit Page" at the top of your profile page.



Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile page to "Expertise." You'll be able to see your category list here. If you would like to add or remove any, select the green pencil.


Adding or removing a category

After clicking on the pencil, the new page will load where you can peruse the current categories. You can select among the different areas at the top of the page (see the red circle) and scroll down the list.


Once you see the category you'd like to add, click on the arrow (red circle below). It will expand the category. Please select the number of years and enter a business name. Once you are done, click on the "Done" button (blue circle).


The category you completed will now be green. To save this, scroll down the page and click on the green "Update" button. If you would like to remove the category, click on the grey trashcan icon.


Your updated category list will now be listed on your Profile!


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