What makes a good profile photo?

Your headshot provides a personalized touch to the call that users appreciate! We encourage you to look welcoming and friendly.


  • Only include your centered face and shoulders (not a full body shot or just your side profile)
  • Crop the photo as necessary so your face and shoulders are the focus (but make sure that parts of your head are not cropped out)
  • Use a high resolution photo
  • Use a professional background
  • Make sure that the photo is well lit (and that your face isn't partially or fully covered in shadow)



  • Wear sunglasses or headcoverings such as hats, hoodies, or helmets
  • Include other people, pets, or objects in the photo
  • Use filters from mobile apps
  • Take the photo from an extreme angle above or below your head
  • Cover any part of your face with your hand, such as your chin or cheek
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