What makes a good profile photo?

Your headshot provides a personalized touch to the call that users appreciate! We encourage you to look welcoming and friendly, while keeping it casually professional.


  • Only include your centered face and shoulders (not a full body shot or just your side profile)
  • Crop the photo as necessary so your face and shoulders are the focus (but make sure that parts of your head are not cropped out)
  • Use a high resolution photo
  • Use a professional background
  • Make sure that the photo is well lit (and that your face isn't partially or fully covered in shadow)



  • Use a photo that is not you. If it's determined that your photo is of someone else, our team will deactivate your account.
  • Wear sunglasses or headcoverings such as hats, hoodies, or helmets
  • Include other people, pets, or objects in the photo
  • Use filters from mobile apps
  • Take the photo from an extreme angle above or below your head
  • Cover any part of your face with your hand, such as your chin or cheek

You can change your headshot by logging into your online account here. On your profile page, click on the circle icon by your name and you'll be prompted to update your picture.

You can also update the photo by using the mobile app (menu > Switch to User Mode > Menu> View Account > click on the circle icon).

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