Expert app on iPhone

Setting up the 6ya app is simple! Once we’ve approved you as a 6ya Expert, you’ll be notified of the great news and asked to download the 6ya app.  

You can also find the the 6ya app on the Apple AppStore:

  • Open the AppStore and search for "6ya" using the search function on the bottom of the screen. (The 6ya app should be the only result you find in the AppStore.) Or click this link.
  • Download the 6ya app by clicking on the download option that says "GET". 
  • Click on your Home button on your iPhone to await your app's download.


Once you’ve installed the app, use your phone number to login to the app. Remember to use the same number, that you used during sign-up.

NOTE: 6ya requires you to be using an iPhone 4S or newer and works best if you are running the lastest version of iOS. To check what version you are using click here.

Once you have signed in for the first time as an expert, you will then need to allow access to your microphone and camera, and also allow 6ya to send you a notification.

  • Click on "OK" to allow 6ya to send you notifications
  • Click on "OK" to allow 6ya to have access to you camera and microphone
  • After you have allowed them all, you will be taken to the home screen with "My Earnings" in the middle. 

You can also always access these settings from the Settings on your iPhone.


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