When should I accept a customer request?

  1. You should only accept Customer Requests if you have adequate time to focus your attention on the call for its duration, and are in a location conducive to taking a call. That means don’t take calls when you’re in a noisy space, or are only available for 5 minutes. We ask that you not try to multi-task when talking to a Customer - customers should always have your full attention. To learn more about our expectations and best practices, take a look at our Community guidelines.
  2. You should only accept calls when you have a reliable connection. To optimize call quality, use WiFi or at a minimum 4G or LTE mobile.  If your connection becomes weak during a call, suggest to the Customer that the call proceed with the video turned off. Relying on a voice connection alone should be more reliable even if the connection is weak.
  3. When you are ready to accept Customer Requests, simply set the Availability toggle to On. When you are finished working, toggle back to Off. If you would like to block off specific times to not receive any Customer Requests, go to My Settings and select My Availability
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