How do customer ratings work?

  1. We ask customers to evaluate their experiences with Experts to make sure we know how we’re doing!  At the end of a call, a customer will be prompted to score the Expert on a 5-star scale, with five stars representing a fantastic experience. As an Expert, you should always strive for a 5-star rating. Here are some ways to ensure you keep your caller happy. How do I make sure my score stays high and I remain active:  
    1. Friendly and respectful customer treatment
    2. Good listening
    3. Honest and quick diagnostics
  2. In order to maintain our standards of excellent client experience, we not only ask Experts to keep a high overall average rating, but also to ensure that your level of service doesn’t slip on any given day or week.
  3. You can expect to hear from us if you’ve received a couple of consecutive low ratings. We’ll share tips and ask that you work to ensure subsequent calls receive high ratings. A low average rating may put you at risk of having your Activated status removed. We’re big believers in transparency, so you’ll always have access to your standing in our system, and be notified if you are at risk of losing your Active status.
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