Notifications and Incoming Calls on Android

The 6ya expert app will notify you when an incoming call in your category is available. It is essential to make sure that your notifications are turned on correctly so you can receive calls.

Here is some information on how to use the 6ya Notification settings: 


How to Allow Notifications:

  • Click on "Allow" when asked to allow notifications from 6ya. 


How to change Notification sound:

  • Go into your Settings
  • Click on "Sound" 
  • Click on "Notification"
  • Select your desired notification tone

NOTE: Please know that at this time 6ya operates through Chrome. If you are able to set different notification sounds for different apps, you will need to change the sound for Chrome.


Check that your notifications for Chrome are properly enabled:

  • Go to your phone Settings and press "Sound & notification"
  • Select "App notifications"
  • Scroll down to Chrome and ensure that under Chrome it says "Normal"

  • Select Chrome
  • Make sure peeking is allowed and select "App settings"
  • should be listed as an allowed site


What an incoming call notification looks like:

NOTE: If you have notification sounds turned on, you will also hear a notification sound when a 6ya call comes in. You may need to double tap on notifications if they appear on your lock screen.



What a missed call notification looks like:

NOTE: If a call is missed, your availability will be toggled off. However, if you double tap the missed call notification you will be sent directly to the toggle in 6ya so you can turn your availability back on.




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