Expert app on Android

Launching the Android 6ya app for Experts:

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for "6ya"
  • Select Install
  • After the app is finished installing, Press Open
  • Select the option to Sign In




  • Only approved experts can access the expert app
  • You will get an email to notify you when your expert account has been activated
  • Approved experts are automatically routed to the expert app once signed in to 6ya


Once you have signed in for the first time as an expert, you will then need to allow access to your microphone and camera, and also allow 6ya to send you a notification.

  • Click on "Allow" to allow to send you notifications
  • Click on "Allow" to allow to have access to you camera and microphone
  • After you have allowed them all, you will be taken to the home screen with "My Earnings" in the middle. 



Congratulations, you are all set up to take calls! 

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