Expert app Availability

6ya expert app can be left running in background on your smartphone. The 6ya app will notify you when there is an available call. 

Be sure to toggle the Availability to receive call notifications. 

Availability toggle is readily accessible in the main menu. 

  • Green = Availability on
  • Grey = Availability off

NOTE: Be sure to tap the toggle to flip it on/off.

You can only receive call notifications when your toggle is on (Green).

NOTE: Available calls are always shown in the home screen of the 6ya Expert app and can be grabbed directly from the home screen regardless of the toggle status.  

If you miss a call, you will automatically be set to unavailable and your toggle will turned off (Grey). The 6ya app will notify you when the toggle is set to off due to a missed call. 

There are no hourly requirements as a 6ya expert and you can choose which hours you want to work. However we do recommend that you follow these best practices:

  • Make sure your availability is accurate minute to minute. If you need to step away for any reason, make sure you are toggled to unavailable.
  • Your availability determines which categories are accessible to the user. 
  • It is expected that you will pursue push notifications when you are available.
  • If you are using the Android web app, it is best to log out of 6ya and close the Chrome tab that is running 6ya.


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