Appear.In on iOS

Hey Expert, congratulations on scheduling your interview. You should have received a link for Appear.In. You can access Appear.In on the following iOS devices: 

  • iPhone iOS 8.0 or later
  • iPad iOS 8.0 or later
  • iTouch iOS 8.0 or later 

First things first, we must download the Appear.In app from the App Store. Please click here to download the Appear.In app. 

Once you have downloaded the app you must:

  • Allow camera and microphone access
  • Type in room name
  • Knock on the virtual door
  • Woohoo, you are connected! Best of luck!


     Video Functionalities:

How do I turn my camera or microphone off? 

If you tap on your screen once, a few video options will pop up on the bottom of your screen. 

  • Tap on the video icon to turn camera on/off
  • Tap on the microphone icon to turn microphone on/off

 How do I flip my camera front and back? 

To flip your camera, you just have to tap on your face screen once and it will flip. 





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