I am an approved expert, but when I log into the mobile app, I can only access user mode.

Experts and users to utilize the same app. Approved experts will be able to access expert mode after signing in. There will be a few different reasons as to why you are not accessing expert mode. (Note that you can only access expert mode if you’ve received an email confirmation that you’ve passed the interview.)

  1. If you’re a new expert, have you finished uploading your onboarding materials? This includes an approved headshot, as well as your payment settings. Once you have done this, please allow a few business hours for processing. Afterwards, you may then log out of the mobile app, then in again. You should now be able to access expert mode.
  2. Are you logging in with your phone number on your expert application? If you log in with a different phone number, our system will not recognize you as an expert, as you’ve just created a new user account. Please email experts@6ya.com with your new and old phone numbers and the support team will update your phone number for you.
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