When do experts receive payment?

We have two pay periods per month.

Payments to experts are initiated on the following dates:

1st of the month: pay covers days 15 - end of the previous month
16th of the month: pay covers days 1-14 of the same month

Please note that on these dates, the payments team initiates the payment, so it will typically take 2-3 business days for an expert to have the direct deposit appear in the bank account. For experts receiving checks, additional days from there will need to be added for postage time. This means that checks will take longer to receive in comparison to direct deposits. Also note that if the pay initiation day falls on a holiday, the processing will likely also be delayed by our payment processor (we appreciate your patience!).

Bonuses: these are paid out at the end of the cycle in which they are achieved. Note that they are issued separately from your earnings and may take another few business days to deposit.

Note that our system operates under Coordinated Universal Time, so this will affect the cutoff times for the pay period in which calls will fall under.

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