How do I purchase a plan?

Please start here: On this page, you’ll select the category in which you require help.

After selecting your category, you will select the plan that suits your needs on the "Choose your Perfect Help Plan" page. Going between the “1 Month” and “1 Year” boxes at the top will toggle between the charges “per month billed monthly” vs “per month billed annually” for each plan. You’re also able to see which categories are covered.


“Per month billed monthly” indicates the amount that you are being billed once every month. Your payment gives you unlimited access to speak with 6ya experts for 30 days. You may cancel the plan at any time so that it does not renew automatically the following month.

“Per month billed annually” is the monthly breakdown of the amount you would be paying upfront if you selected to make a single payment to access 6ya for the following 12 month period. Multiply this amount by 12 to determine the total amount you’d pay today. The benefit of selecting annual billing over monthly is that you will be saving the most money over time!

Once you have selected the plan that works for you, you’ll be forwarded to the "Your payment information" page. This page will summarize the final charge for the day in the right box. You will submit either your credit card information or sign in via PayPal to submit payment. Once you’ve completed the payment, your access to experts will begin!

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