How to use the Do Not Disturb feature

Do Not Disturb is one of the most important functions you’ll be using as an Activated Expert.

You will use it to set your status so our system will know when you are available to receive calls. This can be accessed from the app menu on the “Availability” page. You can either manually toggle on and off (using the top switch) or set a scheduled time period every day during which you will not receive calls (using the bottom switch). In the example below, both switches are on, so you will not receive any calls at all (whether or not you are within the scheduled time).


When Do Not Disturb is activated, the app menu will turn blue and the status will be stated on the home page. You will not receive calls.


To activate yourself again, you'll just turn off the top "Do Not Disturb" toggle (so it appears white). You may still leave the "Scheduled - Do Not Disturb" option on if you wanted to keep that period ongoing.

Note that once you turn off the top toggle and leave the bottom on, your status will change automatically depending on the current time. If it is outside of your Do Not Disturb hours, the Do Not Disturb statement disappears from the home page, and the app menu is no longer blue (like in the example below at 3:56 PM--which falls outside of the current scheduled hours). This means our system will route you calls. The scheduled toggle is useful if you have a set schedule every day and can log in at the same time. 





Also worth noting is that the green moving circles around the icons indicates that there are calls occurring in your category, but they are not directed towards you, so you cannot answer these.





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