Best practices for sharing your Page

Learning how to share your Call Page will allow you to maximize your earning potential! There are 3 channels in which you can easily market yourself to grow your clients for direct calls.

Simply include the link to your Page to any relevant reply, comment, or answer you post. To begin, just head over to your Page & use the Share buttons.

  1. Social networking. Many Experts already participate in at least one social network, so learning to add your Profile link will be a cinch! Old posts get little exposure, so for best results, we recommend sharing posts regularly and frequently.
    • Facebook: Join interest groups and follow pages focused on areas of your expertise. Include a link to your profile in your Facebook bio.
    • Instagram: Follow major channels and pages. Commenting on their posts will allow you to gain visibility. Don’t forget to link to your 6ya profile on your bio.
    • Twitter: Comment on threads that are related to your specialty. And yes - link in bio!
  2. Local directories. Websites such as CraigsList and Nextdoor are a great resource and an effective way to get more customers. Posting an ad is usually free, so we encourage you to take advantage of these services. Remember to highlight the fact that you can help resolve issues over a quick call.
  3. Forums. Engaging in online boards, communities, and Q&A sites is a quick and effective way to drive calls your way. Offer additional help or in-depth consultation services via 6ya. Remember that your responses are visible to both people participating in the thread and also other users who are reading through the content. Add a link to your 6ya profile in the Signature.

If any specific method is especially successful for you, let us know at! We love to hear and share success stories.

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