Adding your 6ya Profile to your YouTube channel

This article only applies to 6ya Creators.

If you have a YouTube channel, adding links to your existing videos is a great way to direct traffic to your 6ya page. Adding links manually can be rather tedious, so we've gathered some handy tools to help with editing videos in bulk. 

YouTube Tools

YouTube has built in tools to bulk edit video descriptions.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial that describes the process:


Tube Buddy

Tube buddy is a paid tool, bulk editing is available as part of the Star plan. This tools provides more sophisticated functionality for bulk editing.

Please note we're not affiliated with TubeBuddy in any way, and make no warranties about their product.

Don't want to Bulk edit videos ?

If you are concerned about messing things up - You can always edit the descriptions of your most popular videos. 


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