Bonuses for High performing Experts

We want to make 6ya a great experience for Experts.

Experts are eligible for the below bonuses:

  • All Star Bonus: $100 Bonus each pay cycle based on your ratings and call acceptance. Eligibility criteria:
    • You accept 100 calls in the current pay cycle.

    • The average rating of the calls in your current pay cycle is 4.5 or higher.

    • The All Star bonus rating is calculated for calls in the pay period, the current score uses last 15 or 30 ratings (based on tenure).

A call must be at least 1 minute long to count towards any bonus. It must also contain services rendered by you as an Expert (i.e. if you were connected to voicemail or otherwise no live customer at all, it will not count towards your final call count if you lingered on the line).

Bonus terms are subject change at our sole discretion. Please reach out to our community team for any clarifications.

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