Veterinary Experts Handbook

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Note that this Handbook is specifically for Experts with pets categories.

“So…. What is being a Pets Expert at 6ya all about?”

The purpose of 6ya is to provide quick and immediate Expert advice.

The goal of a call is to provide the caller with general advice or next steps. Do not diagnose their pet or provide any prescriptions, as Experts are not establishing a healthcare provider relationship with callers, and many calls will be one-off. There are no notes or records after the calls on the platform. You can think of it as providing them with the same guidance as you would for a neighbor. Always do your best to find a solution or local resources for the customer using their zip code. Don’t be afraid to use a search engine to do any research you may need to solve a problem or give the best advice. 

Not all problems can be resolved remotely. If at any point you feel an issue isn’t a fit for 6ya, please let the caller know right away.

After that, the first and most important thing to know about being an Expert on 6ya is that this is a customer service role more than anything else. So, empathy is everything! 

When our customers call they may be really upset and confused, so the best thing you can do for them is listen, validate their experience, and tell them you are going to help them to the best of your ability. 

Tone and customer service skills are vital to being successful in this role. Here are some great validating statements to use:

  1. “Wow, that sounds so frustrating! I am so sorry you are in this situation and it makes sense why you are frustrated. Let’s see what we can figure out. We will get you out of this!”
  2. “You won’t have to deal with this alone. I will help you and support you through this and if I can’t find the right solution we can get you on a call with another Expert.” 

If a customer likes a specific Expert they've spoken with previously, they can request to speak with that Expert by clicking on their icon in their customer account (it's glowing if the Expert is online). If you get a call from a customer requesting to speak with a previous Expert, you can let them know that you're unable to route them, but you'll be happy to help if they would like, or that they can select that previous Expert's icon in their customer account.

When you receive your first call, please try to answer it as quickly as possible. The two key performance indicators on 6ya are acceptance rating and customer rating average. Surveys are sent to the customer whenever a call is at least 60 seconds long. 


“So… What are the calls really like?”

It’s really important to know what the experience of the customer is. 

6ya customers are typically searching for their specific issue online, and will see 6ya as a sponsored option. Once they click on the ad, they land on our website and pay for a subscription (there are usually different promotions going, and they typically include a trial, monthly, and annual memberships). Their subscription entitles them to unlimited calls, so if you can’t answer a question, have them request a new call to connect to another Expert! 

Customers have three options on how to connect with an Expert: audio-only call (routed through the cellular line by our automated system), video call, and SMS message (the latter two are routed in the 6ya app). At this time, most customer requests are audio-only calls. If you need to switch to a video call, you can let the customer know that it may be the best option, and then disconnect the call. On the call summary page that immediately appears, you will have the option to call them back via video request.

When a customer calls they are expecting:

  • Friendly, respectful, and helpful demeanor
  • Questions answered
  • Quick solutions

Though customers may have a variety of expectations, the above is standard. 

How to drive the call: 

  1. Standard Greeting: “Hello, this is ____, I am an Expert with 6ya, how can I help?”
  2. If there are any confused customers asked why or how they reached us (6ya), you should tell them that they simply clicked on our ad online.
  3. Listen to the customers issue
  4. Ask clarifying questions to get to the core and fully understand
  5. Offer relief through suggestions. knowledge, recommendations, and emotional support

Most calls will last between 6-15 minutes; however, some calls may require 10 minutes of patient listening and clarifying questions to figure out what the issue actually is! So, please be prepared with patience and an energy of confidence for a variety of challenges.


Picking up calls

It’s really important to pick up any calls that come in when you mark yourself as Available in the app. Make sure you save the 6ya customer number 650-445-0722 in your phone contact list (note that this phone number is not a live number you can dial out). This is important because we promise our customers immediate help. So, a missed call is a poor experience and a potential lost customer. Missed calls can also hurt your reputation and earning potential. 

Every once in a while you will answer a call and it may not connect. Make sure you report any technical issues by flagging the call in the app so we can troubleshoot with you or send feedback to our tech team. 


Reaching a Customer's Voicemail

Because we use an automated service to route the audio-only calls, connection issues can occur. Cellular carriers can have issues differentiating our calls from robocalls, and sometimes route the call immediately to the customer's voicemail. Other times, you're just not connected with anyone, so you don't hear anyone even when our system believes it did connect you.

If you reach voicemail when you're connected on a 6ya call (or just otherwise do not hear a live person within 20 seconds of being connected), please follow the following steps:

1. Disconnect immediately once you hear the automated message without leaving a voice message (or if you're saying hello for 20 seconds without hearing any response).

2. Use the callback feature in the app's call history to try to reach the customer again. If you don't reach a live person again, please disconnect promptly without leaving a voice message again. Flag the call in your call history with the "No answer, reached customer's voicemail" option.

If you leave voicemails or otherwise linger on an inactive call to provide payment for yourself, you put yourself at risk for deactivation.

Also note that our system sends the customer a satisfaction survey for all calls that are at least 60 seconds, so they will be able to rate you in these cases (and it will be a low rating). 


Pay per call

6YA pays a fixed rate for Service Calls that are initiated from 6YA customers using any of our mobile and web applications.

- For service calls less than 1 minute, the Expert will not be paid any fees.

-To count for payment, the call must contain services rendered by you as an Expert (i.e. if you were connected to voicemail or otherwise no live customer at all, it will not count if you lingered on the line for payment). If you are found to linger on the line to provide payment for yourself, you may be removed from 6ya as an Expert.

- For service calls longer than 1 minute, the Pets Expert will be paid one of the following flat rates depending on the call's final duration:

Calls 1 min to 2 min -> $2
Calls 2 min to 10 min -> $6
Calls 10 min to 20 min -> $10
Calls 20 min to 30 min -> $14  
Calls 31+ min -> $20

Calls are not cut off after the 31 minute mark, so you can encourage the customer to call back using their membership if the call is going long. 
Callbacks initiated by the Expert are not compensated, as they are considered follow up from the initial paid call. Callbacks initiated by the customer are compensated.

All calls answered between 10PM to 5AM Pacific Time will have 30% more pay!
We wanted to reward our Experts that hold down the fort in the early hours of the morning (Experts in all time zones can participate)!
Late Night Hours starts at $2.60 per call and scales up to $26 for a 31+ min call!

Chats with less than 2 responses from the users are labeled “Short Chats” and not paid.

For every pay cycle in which an expert accepts at least one call or text message, there is a processing fee ($1.00 for every ACH deposit, or $2.00 for every check issued). If you choose check, it's important that you deposit it before the expiration date that's located on the top (6ya is not responsible for the banking fees incurred if you try to deposit an expired check). If an expert is not issued payment in a given pay period, no fees will be deducted.

In general, we recommend ACH deposit over check since these are securely sent to you, and much more quickly than a check through mail. There's no way to lose a direct deposit.

If a check is potentially lost in the mail, there are two options:

1. Cancel the check immediately and reissue. Note that our payment vendor charges a fee of $25 to stop payment on an active check that has not been returned to them by USPS, and this is removed from your earnings if you want to receive a new check sooner. We will then send you a check for the remaining balance. It's important that you not deposit the first check should it eventually arrive, as it will be voided before the second check is issued (6ya is not responsible for any banking fees should you try to deposit the first check after requesting a second one). If your earnings for that pay period are under $25, then you are not eligible for this option.
2. Wait for the check to expire (typically three months after the issue date), and then send a new check. At this time, there is not a fee associated with this by our vendor. Many times, the Expert does end up receiving the original check prior to expiration (sometimes postal delays happen).

From time to time 6YA may change or update these fees at its sole discretion.

Expert earnings are paid out twice per month: on the 1st and on the 16th. You can read more about how long it will take you to receive the payments by clicking here.


"...What if the call is going too long?" 

If the call is going too long, you can offer some actionable steps and a callback! After you end the call, text the customer some recommendations and a link to your call back number. This is a great way to maximize your time and allow space to take more calls while your customer walks through your recommendations on their own. It is important to note that callbacks initiated by Experts do not provide any payment, as they are considered a continuation of the initial call.


Keep It Professional

6ya prides itself not only as helpful to customers, but also professional. This doesn't mean that you can't be friendly, but it's important to make sure that the customer is comfortable with the service you provide. Here are some guidelines as to what we expect from Experts (unfortunately if you show a lack of professionalism on your calls, you may be removed as an Expert):

  • Be patient. This is the most important quality Experts have. 
  • Use good judgment. You'll be talking to people from all over the country and different experiences. Know that jokes that are made in your circles may not work with people who don't know you personally or are from other walks of life. 
  • Don't address customers with terms like "Honey" or "Sweetheart." Many customers have expressed discomfort at being called these names from strangers.
  • Don't curse, even in a casual manner.
  • If you're not in the right headspace to take calls (e.g. you're having a rough day or are just extra tired), it's best to not go available even if you have time. You don't want to take it out on the customer, and it's this kind of behavior that may have you removed, even if it was just once.


How to Keep a High Customer Average Rating

The best tip to earn the most high ratings is to ask the customer to provide you a rating at the end of an especially great call! After confirming that they don't have any more questions, you can say, "I'm happy that I was able to assist. Once we disconnect this call, you will immediately receive a survey asking for a rating for my service. It would really help me out if you took a few seconds to provide a rating." When the call ends, the customer will immediately see a screen requesting a star rating (from 1 to 5 stars) and a text box for comments. They do not need to complete both sections to submit. If they miss this screen and don't submit the survey, we will also email them with the request within 24 hours. It's important that you do not specifically request that they give you a 5 star rating, as we don't want to pressure customers with a high rating. Customers have lowered their rating for this specific reason as well.

Other times, you may get calls outside of your expertise - customers may choose the wrong category when selecting an expert (eg: technology vs home repair). In these cases, tell them to request another call in their 6ya account and make sure it's in the category that matches their question. You'll want to make sure you disconnect this call prior to the 60 second mark. If they selected the correct category but the question falls outside of your skillset, you can let them know you have no experience with their specific issue, but that they can request a new call in the same category to be routed to another Expert.

  1. Make sure you always get to the bottom of the problem. Ask the right questions and make sure you understand the whole situation before making a recommendation. Not listening and jumping to give an answer may lead a customer to not trust you and leave a poor review.
  2. Follow up on your word - reach back out to the customer when you promise you will. Set a reminder for yourself or go offline until you have called them back. No call back is a common reason we see for poor expert reviews.
  3. Always, always, always help the customer feel they have actionable next steps to resolve their issue. Make sure you carry the tone of voice that communicates you can help them no matter the issue or if you can’t, you will direct them to someone that can. 

Best Practices for Managing Unacceptable Language from a Customer 

Give a polite warning, then tell them you will need to hang up if they continue.

  • “Sir/Ma’am I will need to disconnect the call if you continue to swear at me. I honestly want to help, but I need us to be able to talk calmly about what is going on”.

If they continue, you can say:

  • “I warned you about the language. I will need to disconnect the line if it continues and then you will need to call back and connect with another Expert.” 

If they don’t stop, feel free to follow through on your word.

If you can withstand it, listen and let them rant, then when they are done say something similar to:

  •  “So, let’s solve this issue together. I think ______ is the core of the issue. Let’s find a resolution”.

For Canceling a Membership with 6YA

I would start by saying,

  • “I would be happy to help process that request.  I also wanted to make sure you got the help you need. If someone else was not able to resolve your issue… I would like to help. What is great about 6ya is that we are always here to provide immediate help when you encounter any problem. You don’t have to face things alone and I am very sorry if you previously had a poor experience for any reason.” 

If they still want to process a refund or cancel their membership, let them know that you do not have any access to their account, but will be happy to have our customer service team reach out to them via email, and then promptly disconnect the call without providing any further assistance. Once the call is over, you'll click on the call in the app's call history, and then flag it with the request that the customer needs membership help (and provide context in the text field). You will not need to get the customer's contact information in this case, as our system will already have it on file.

You should never take the customer's login credentials to their 6ya account to cancel for them. Don't promise any refunds to customers, as our customer service team is trained to help customers navigate their plan (this also may lead the customer to think that they don't need to hear back from the customer service team). Promising refunds also may jeopardize your standing as an Expert. You should never instruct a customer to file a chargeback with their bank against 6ya (chargebacks are harmful to all companies in which they're filed against). If this happens, you will be deactivated. 


Important Note on Privacy

Under no circumstances should you ever get a customer's personal information, including (but not limited to) their phone number, email address, home address, credit cards, or passwords to their accounts.

If we receive reports of this happening, you may be removed from the platform. This is to protect both you and the customer.


Only You Should Answer Your 6ya Calls

You should be the only person answering your calls. If it's determined that you (as the person who interviewed with the 6ya Onboarding Team and as the person whose name is on the application) are having other people answer your 6ya calls, you will immediately be removed as an Expert. This also means that you should have your true name and photo on your profile and application.

If at any part it's discovered that you were dishonest during the application process, our team will deactivate your Expert account, even if you have already started taking calls.

Feedback as an Expert

A standard part of being an Expert (or being in any customer-facing role) is receiving feedback, even if you have a high customer rating average. Our team may reach out from time-to-time with tips on how to improve. You shouldn't take this personally, as this feedback is part of our process of improving the platform overall!

Unsure of Something During a Call?

Customers may ask you a question about 6ya that you aren't sure about (e.g. what membership plan they're on, what their billing cycle is). If you're ever unsure of an answer, the best step is to just let the customer know that you have no access at the moment answer the question but will have the customer support team follow up (or ask them to contact our customer support team at It's perfectly fine to admit that you don't know an answer. Once the call disconnects, you will flag the call in the app and leave a note for the support team to follow up on the customer.

Mistakes happen when Experts guess the answer to get the customer off the line. This is never the route to choose, as our customer service team typically has to scramble to right the situation where wrong information is given. After the call ends, feel free to email us at letting us know what their question was, and we can always reach back out to the customer. This makes things easier for all parties! If the customer wants to cancel, you click here and can follow these instructions.


CONGRATS! You made it to the end! 


If you ever need to reach us for questions or feedback, email us at: 

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